Interactive EVENTS

We've embraced the "new" and built out these products to be inclusive, morale building, and ultimately interactive.  It's not about us, it's about your attendees.  And these events are will be the talk of your company for years to come.



A potential singer looks through hundreds of predetermined songs (song list varies by band) and signs up next to the stage with our event host.  When it is the singer's turn to take the stage, the band will call them up and rock out!  Just like your standard karaoke, lyrics are provided on a monitor at the front of the stage. 

We provide performers and necessary support staff.  Our list is full of high energy dance songs, so those not singing can still dance or watch!  Your attendees will be treated as an equal part of the band and will always be encouraged. To us, they are a rock star the instant they step onto the stage!  We can provide sound and lights, props, red carpet entrances, and more.     

Many people dream of being a rock star.  Most individuals go through life not knowing that experience.  RockOn! Live Band Karaoke is a special event that helps people realize this dream.  



We display via smartphone and/or giant LED screen a song from five different genres (Rock, Pop, Country, Funk/Disco, R&B/HipHop).  Your crowd votes for their favorite, and the band performs it! Voting happens during performance so there is no break in the action.  Before the show, after the show, and during set-breaks fun music trivia can be displayed along with results so your attendees can flex their musical muscle. We also have interactive social media options so your attendees can pump up the experience online. 

Live Band Jukebox is the ultimate event crowd DJ experience.  This isn't your typical "we play what we want to play when we want to play it" scenario.  Giving your attendees the keys to the musical drivers seat will help them stay engaged and make your event like no other.  


Line it UP!

The ultimate line dance experience.  Pit your various departments or groups against each other head to head for team building, or just let them freely dance the night away as our line dance coaches help pump the party up.  A combination of DJ and/or live performed songs amp up the experience giving those who don't dance a way in on the fun!

When you go to any event, what is the one thing that gets everyone involved?  Line Dances!!  We've took notice, and found a way to include even the shyest of individual.  It's the ultimate team building event, and we've packaged it into an experience that your associates and attendees will not forget.